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In this episode, host Kerry Amato, executive director, health innovation at HIMSS, speaks with Bora Chang, MD, CEO, and founder of KēlaHealth.

During this spirited conversation, Dr. Chang and Amato discuss the idea behind KēlaHealth and how this innovative company is improving surgical care outcomes across the country. She answers the question of if they are an AI/machine learning company or something totally different as well as explores how the market needs and interest for this type of innovation come from diverse corners all across the healthcare industry.

This episode highlights an amazing example of not only physician-led innovation but also an amazing story of how an innovative product that was developed in academic medical institutions was able to successfully translate outside into the healthcare ecosystem, and the steps that led them to the success they have seen today. Dr. Chang explores how being a physician and having the deep domain expertise in surgery to inform the design and ultimate solution is not only an important part of ongoing product development but is really at the heart of KēlaHealth.

Amato and Dr. Chang also discuss the backlog of surgical procedures facing healthcare organizations as the result of COVID-19 and how CEOs are facing tough questions about how to prioritize and stratify patients in a way that ensures they gain the best outcome in what is still a risky time in healthcare with the continuation of the pandemic. How do we know what patients are right for surgery now? At what timeframes? What risk factors do we need to consider?

Finally, hear about how Dr. Chang believes the resiliency women build, starting at a young age, has not only helped her achieve success but often allows women, in general, to be better leaders in trying times, such as a pandemic—as seen in different countries across the globe with female leadership. Dr. Chang also shares how she finds room to breathe while balancing all that life can throw at you. Please join us for this dynamic and thoughtful interview with Dr. Bora Chang.

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Originally published January 14, 2021, updated August 25, 2021