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University of Missouri Health Care Receives Third HIMSS Davies Award

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HIMSS is proud to recognize University of Missouri Health Care as a 2023 HIMSS Davies Award recipient. MU Health Care is one of only four organizations to receive the Davies Award a third time.

MU Health Care’s focus on using data to evolve and optimize health IT systems were prominently featured in three case studies submitted for Davies consideration. The thoughtful analysis of data identified an opportunity to refine pediatric early warning scores (PEWS) resulting in a more effective alert, reducing unnecessary transfers to the pediatric ICU. Improving alerting also enabled a significant reduction in hospital associated pressure injuries (HAPIs). Meanwhile, standardizing the surgical processes with TIGER care plans significantly reduced length of stay for bariatric surgery patients.

MU Health Care Case Studies

“Delivering on our mission of saving and improving lives is a total team effort,” Deb Dow, chief information officer at MU Health Care, said. “This award recognizes our health care professionals that are turning data into action to drive improvement in the delivery of care.”

MU Health Care’s health IT operations are led by the TIGER Institute for Health Innovation, a unique private-public partnership between the University of Missouri and Oracle Corporation. The Tiger Institute was formed more than decade ago as a model for leveraging industry collaboration and better health care. Their work has improved the health and safety of patients, reduced costs and shaped the future of care for Missouri and beyond.

“Earning a third HIMSS Davies Award demonstrates our commitment to excellence in leveraging health IT in care delivery,” said Dr. Thomas Selva, Chief Medical Information Officer at the University of Missouri. “Clinician-lead, data-driven and IT-enabled is the cornerstone of why we are an industry leader in health care innovation.” 

HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence

The Davies Awards program promotes the HIMSS vision and mission by recognizing and highlighting use cases, model practices and lessons learned on how to improve health and wellness through the power of information and technology. Showcasing healthcare delivery systems, physician practices, community health organizations, long term and post-acute care sites and public health organizations, the HIMSS Davies Award shares evidence-based case studies that are driving the reform of the global healthcare ecosystem through the power of information and technology.

HIMSS Davies Awards

The HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence showcases healthcare organizations that demonstrate globally innovative, thoughtful applications of information and technology to drive and redefine evidence-based best practices so that others can learn, adapt and improve population health and patient outcomes.

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