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Tap into Revenue Cycle Management at HIMSS21

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The 2021 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition will take a deep dive into highly vetted education sessions within 17 topic categories, with several sessions geared toward revenue cycle management.

These HIMSS21 sessions will tap into the “why” behind the dollars in the healthcare revenue cycle, draw parallels to patient experience and explore tools and technologies designed to increase revenue efficiency in healthcare.

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Education Sessions About Revenue Cycle Management

In-person programming includes highly vetted sessions from industry leaders and specialty, niche programs to meet distinct needs. HIMSS is at the forefront covering cutting edge topics impacting the health IT ecosystem.

Tuesday, August 10

Using AI to Enhance the Patient Experience: 10:30 -10:50 a.m.
Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzzword in healthcare revenue cycles today. It is often difficult to determine which new technology will benefit your organization best, while giving you the biggest bang for your buck. This session will explore AI technologies specific to Patient Access and Pre-Arrival Services, and offer tips on when it makes sense to invest in advanced technologies to enhance the patient experience and improve your bottom line.

Automating the Revenue Cycle: It's Time to Enter the 21st Century: 2 p.m.-2:20 p.m.
Medical Billing and RCM is the worst part of your job. Jordan Kelley, Co-Founder and CEO of Enter, will guide CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, Providers and Practice Admins on a journey to increase reimbursements by 7.5% and reduce cost by 10%. This will be the most valuable presentation at HIMSS.

Wednesday, August 11

Opening the Digital Front Door to Improve Patient Intake Experience: 10:45 -11:05 a.m.
Patients are increasingly seeking digital empowerment and convenience in managing their healthcare. The demand for self-service technology across the care continuum has increased greatly due to the pandemic – from contactless patient intake to virtual waiting rooms and appointment self-scheduling. Consumer-centric patient experiences are a key component of driving digital front door strategies, streamlining operations, and enhancing revenue cycle management.

Why Integrating Patient Intake, Engagement and Access is Critical for Safety, Satisfaction and Net Revenue: 12:45 -1:05 p.m.
Learn why integrating patient intake, engagement and access is critical to delivering consumerism that improves patient flow, reduces anxiety and allows staff to focus on higher value activities. Examine how integrating key revenue cycle technology with digital patient engagement and intake solutions lead the market and drive higher net revenue.

Empowering Data Scientists – Using "Data Sandbox as a Service" to Accelerate Advanced Data Analysis and Machine Learning: 2:15 -2:35 p.m.
The tasks of data modeling, joining and cleansing for core revenue cycle and administrative data sets has always been a challenge. But not anymore. In an industry first, VisiQuate is opening Sonata – its data integration engine and data sandbox layer – to client developers, providing a massive leg-up for health system IT teams. Get the details on how your team can access and benefit from the most powerful data sandbox in the industry. Give them the tools they‘ve been asking for!

Healthcare Workflow Automation: Industry Learnings and Best Practices: 2:45 -3:45 p.m.
Even though automation holds significant promise for healthcare, many digital and IT leaders have been held back by implementation challenges, including program scoping, automation development, scaling, and ongoing management. Join us to learn best practices and pitfalls to avoid from leading health systems that have effectively implemented automation across patient engagement, clinical, and revenue cycle workflows.

Preconference Events

The week kicks off Monday, Aug. 9, with topic-focused or audience-specific events before general programming and exhibition opens. Each full-day program is immersive in actionable sessions and networking. Events are optional. Additional registration required.

Revenue cycle management will be one of the many topics covered during the Professional Development Symposium and CIO Summit.

The Professional Development session From In-Person to Virtual, Creating a Strong, and Resilient Team will discuss the tools and strategies used to engage the team virtually. Over the last year the workplace was drastically changed and the clinical and revenue cycle IT teams had to not only perform at their current rate, but pick up the pace and agility with the multitude of configuration changes needed to support patients and clinicians for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19.

The CIO Summit will offer an in-depth conversation with the CIO Perspective Panel: How Modern Healthcare is Being Revolutionized Through Automation. This session will explore the adoption of AI and hear from a panel of experts on how their organizations are leading the way. 

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August 9-13, 2021

Join changemakers at HIMSS21—in person and digitally—as we reimagine health together through education, innovation and collaboration.

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