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Morehouse School of Medicine And HIMSS Global Health Equity Network Partner to Innovate Health Informatics Programs

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Morehouse School of Medicine is launching a 14-month online Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI) program and a 5-week Bridge to Health Informatics (B2HI) Pipeline program in partnership with the HIMSS Global Health Equity Network.

The partnership will provide an opportunity for HIMSS to champion workforce development, diversity and equity in the healthcare industry, and for Morehouse School of Medicine to offer programs and training that will address the needs of a rapidly changing and evolving healthcare technology industry, as well as create a culturally competent and diverse workforce.

Less than 3 percent of the health information technology workforce are Black Americans, according to research from Morehouse School of Medicine. Diversity in health informatics is imperative, and the increasing reliance on data and digital health technology such as telemedicine, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has intensified the need to train students in health informatics.

“Morehouse School of Medicine and HIMSS recognize the opportunity and growth within telemedicine and health informatics, and the Master of Science in Health Informatics program aims to prepare and train future healthcare leaders,” said Angelita Howard, PhD, assistant professor and assistant dean for Online Education & Expanded Programs.

“As we have seen because of the pandemic, there’s a strong need for a diverse workforce with strong technology training and understanding. This will not change once we have defeated COVID-19; the need will only grow. These programs will prepare clinicians to give patients the care they need,” added James Lillard, PhD MBA, professor and associate dean for Research Affairs.

This partnership will include, but is not limited to:

  • Working with Morehouse School of Medicine to identify financial support for the B2HI program and MSHI program scholarships
  • Exploring the creation of internship program via the HIMSS Office of Scientific Research
  • HIMSS certification and membership
  • Opportunities for HIMSS to champion workforce development, diversity, and equity in the healthcare industry

“Creating a diverse workforce is essential to improving health outcomes, impacting social determinants of health and achieving digital transformation. HIMSS is proud to partner with Morehouse School of Medicine to ensure our healthcare leaders of the future are equipped with the knowledge and understanding needed to implement digital health solutions in order to expand equitable access to healthcare and mitigate health disparities,” said Hal Wolf, president and CEO of HIMSS.

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