Trends in Patient Risk Introduced by Connected Devices

September 13, 2022 | Chapter Event

The rise of healthcare cyberattacks since 2020 is undeniable, but the resulting fallout is often anecdotal, incomplete and difficult to act upon. Healthcare leadership is beginning to openly share their experiences to educate their peers. As these experiences are shared, they have enabled more formal investigation of the broader trends and impacts that healthcare-focused attacks have on patient care, facility finances and attacker methodologies. In this session, we will explore the “Security of Connected Devices in Healthcare” report released by Ponemon and Cynerio in July 2022. Discussion topics include higher than expected impacts on mortality rates during a cyberattack, the increasing volume and frequency of attacks, and the immature security practices that result in a target rich environment for ransomware gangs and their peers.


  • Chad Holmes, Security Evangelis Cynerio

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