Gravitate Health Hackathon

January 17 - 19, 2024 | Partner Event

Join the 1st Gravitate Health Hackathon set for January 17-19, 2024. This exciting event will be held in a hybrid format, allowing you to participate either on-site in Athens, Greece, or virtually.

As a proud partner in the Gravitate Health Consortium, an IMI research project, HIMSS is thrilled to support this exciting hybrid event, part of Athens Digital Health Week.

Key focus areas

The Hackathon revolves around electronic product information (ePI), interoperability, and the FHIR standard, central to the development of the Federated Open-Source Platform (FOSP), one of Gravitate Health’s primary outputs.

The Hackathon will address crucial challenges, including:

EPI preprocessing. Develop modules that can add explanations to electronic product information (ePI) content while maintaining it in FHIR format. We will use standard medical terms such as SNOMED-CT, LOINC, and others.

GRAVITATE HEALTH Lens (G-LENS) development. Create a tool, the ‘G-lens,’ which customises information about medications based on a patient’s preferences and situation. This tool will use Gravitate Health’s federated open-source platform services (FOSPS), ePIs with explanatory labels, user profiles, and other relevant components.

Join us in this transformative event and be a part of advancing eHealth in Europe. 

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